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I'm highly selective.
Above all, I value finely-crafted words on here.


Horses In My Dreams

A birthday tune by the luscious, sultry, haunting glory of PJ Harvey.

You can take the girl out of the 90s, but not the 90s out of the girl. :)

And the spaces in between

The ocean called out to me, so I went.

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 photo IMG_20130830_203637_zps4dff4c54.jpg

Marina Abramovic Meets Ulay

Thanks to Tizz, I came upon this powerful and beautiful YouTube video of an artist re-visiting an intense love from her past. It certainly made me tear up.

Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intense love story in the 70s, performing art out of the van they lived in. When they felt the relationship had run its course, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, meeting for one last big hug in the middle and never seeing each other again. At her 2010 MoMa retrospective, Marina performed ‘The Artist Is Present’ as part of the show, which was a minute of silence with each stranger who sat in front of her. Ulay arrived without her knowing it and this is what happened.

The Sensuality of Jane (35mm film)

Women I Love (portrayed in 35mm film)

This woman is pure sass with a razor tongue in Christian Louboutin heels.
Lethal combination.

 photo jane4_zps6975274b.jpg

 photo jane7_zps26ce472e.jpg

Life is a dance party

I am burning a disaster onto my carpet by trying to emulate these bodily moves:

But what an exhilarating disaster to partake in.
At the risk of sounding corny, dancing is the irrepressible, physical expression of my inner heart monster.

I never want to stop.

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Vintage Film

Dirty Thirty

I've arrived into my "prime."

Or, as Pablo Neruda put it:
...like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.

Yes, someone actually baked a penis cake for me.